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I did a logo for a guy I know. Not a friend as such but I used to work with him. I charged him £200, because it was about 5 minutes' work, and I needed the money.

He's come back and asked me for two more logos, exactly the same just with different text - for two different companies. Not sure why he thinks this is a good idea, either way he wants to pay £25 for each of them.

Now. Obviously it's going to be another 5 minute job, so as an hourly rate that's fine and dandy, but I feel like to say yes is to totally devalue the industry.



  • LittleMick
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    Just do it and move on. The world won't end.
  • willtoo
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    Better you than someone on 5iver?
  • OD
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    I've done stuff like that before when I was broke. Comes down to how much you need £50, or if you think he'd pay more.

    Tell him it's £100, see what he says.

    Might end up meeting in the middle and you get £70 or sommat for 15 minutes' work.

    Or I can do it. I could do with £50! ;)
  • alexflynntweets
    Take the money and undermine the chump by designing a subtle goatse reference

  • StisterMeve
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    Funnily enough I already replied before your reply OD saying I'd do it for £100. He said that was fine.
  • tetrisforkicks
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    Stuff like this I just do and move on. I tend to ask for the money upfront if I've done work for them before though, people seem to really drag their feet about small payments like these.
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