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Hello everyone. I signed up for this forum because it sounds like a place that can assist me. I am the secretary of a large philatelic (stamp hobby) club. I have recently taken over the responsibility of publishing our bi monthly newsletter. I am taking over for a lady who dearly loved producing the newsletter but due to her disability cannot continue. Our newsletter has been nationally recognized and expectations are high. I have the writing ability and the hobby knowledge but I need help creating a great newsletter logo or banner or heading whatever the correct term is. This logo would be used on all my future newsletter submissions.

Please, let me be clear; I am not asking for free work. Obviously anyone creating the logo should be compensated for their time, expertise and creativity. Please help me WOW our club members with a PHENOMENAL newsletter. You can reach me at P.S.- Dear Moderators, I understand and respect that this post needs to be reviewed but I don't have a great deal of time. I'm hoping your creative members will see this and someone would like to step forward to take on this small challenge.
Thank all of you in advance for your consideration!



  • Klang
    Ray fucking Purchase Posts: 17,252
    Ernie, we won't abuse you, but most of us will completely ignore you. I hope you get some luck with your request, but don't old your breath.
  • Pugsley
    ScotlandPosts: 10,890
    I'll drop you an email Ernie.
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