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I'm working with a branding guide for a client. Should I worry that the CMKY colors vary quite a bit from the RGB when viewed on screen. I know the colors you screen look different when you print them, so I'm hoping the difference is because they did their due diligence and used CMYK colors that will look like the screen colors when printed. I don't have a color printer to test this theory so am asking for your experience.




  • steveb
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    The only way to assure getting the same colour is if the customer specifies a Pantone colour. You should never work in cmyk mode on a computer. Always convert all images to rgb before you do anything with them.

    Otherwise -

    Make sure that your monitor is calibrated so it represents as well as possible what you are doing in your app. Always work in rgb. After you are done with all colour work, you can convert the job to cmyk for printing.

    First you need to create a way to replace as much colour ink with black. This is called black compensation. If you are using photoshop, you can create an action by using selective colour to minimize the amount of ink required to reproduce you images by replacing all your darkest tones with black.

    If you look under the window drop-down, you will see something called info. That has also some selections, choose one called total ink. Watch the number as you cursor over parts of an image. No part should exceed a number of 285% otherwise when you print the work, the paper will become so sodden with ink of all four colours that the pages will wrinkle.

    Create your black replacement action by gently increasing the amount of black in your image and decreasing the other colours. Toggle the preview button to see if the overall colours you perceive onscreen change. You don't want that.

    I used to use an action which did two jobs - first it did the black replacement and then it converted to cmyk. I had to do very many tests with a calibrated colour printer before I could rely on sending work to the printing works, and even after that I made small adjustments. I once had a black conversion action which never went above 278% and I was very pleased with that, and so was my boss, although he had no idea of what I was doing.
  • KatieStroudPro
    Thanks, steveb. I'll have to learn more about "replacing the black." The work is a vector in Illustrator and will be printed on a t-shirt. As it turns out, there are almost no brand colors in the graphics, so color variations won't be much of an issue.
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