Need Help | need best control panel for streaming server

Hello everyone,
I Just bought some server for experiments, i want to fully install my server (i need nginx,mysql,php)
and i want control panel to control my server and my website with multi server support.

I've linux operation (i can install any - ubuntu/centos/debian and etc)
i tried CentOS Web Panel, ispconfig 3.
I need something that will work correctly with nginx and support multi-server load balance.

any good guide will be good for me to start,
any name would be good too.
and if someone can teach me that would be wonderful.

b.s my first time i try this.


  • WillardLottie
    CPanel or Plesk would be a great choice. CPanel runs on Perl and PHP backend languages while Plesk supports C and C++ as well as PHP. CPanel runs only on linux and Plesk also supports WIndows. Both of these support multi-server feature and ipv6 protocols, dns and ftps. But these are not open-sourced ones. If you need something that is open-source I would suggest you using iMSCP or Webmin. I hope this will help you :)
  • Ksedrupal
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