New website, any suggestions and thoughts??

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Hi, I'm designing a new site for AllTheRooms, the world's largest search engine for accommodations. Was hoping to get some feedback on how to improve the user interface and webpage design. Thanks!


  • calder12
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    The design and responsiveness are a bit of a mess, the usability is surprisingly good.

    Pricing seems wonky, I did a selection in Ottawa, it returned a price of $347 I clicked view deal, it took me to Booking .com which told me the price was $694, your site isn't specifying that it's price is per night.
  • roto
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    Most places default to a minimum 2 night booking from what I've seen. I agree that needs to be fixed or specified.
  • lskyz
    Hey guys, I appreciate it! I'll look into making changes to it. Thank you!
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