Availo — The Freelancer's Black Book

Designer/Co-Founder of Availo, Glug Events & Made Studio.LondonPosts: 1 edited July 2016 in Employment

Hello DT!

We've just launched the first version of Availo — The Freelancer's Black Book and we would love you guys to have the first opportunity to use it. We're hoping to cut out the middle man and get you booked up months in advance by the best studios/clients there are.

Freelance Designers — sign up for the beta over here: www.availo.io

Hirers —
So if you're currently looking for a UI/UX/Branding/Digital Designer, please head to www.availo.pro and we'll be able to sort you out with the best (London only for now) talent within 48 hours.

Feel free to pass this around.

Exciting times
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