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Hi All,

I have just finished this site and thought I would pop it up to see if anyone can see any issues.

ibctip .uk

I am particularly interested in how quickly you can deduce what the product is and what it does. Obviously, designers are not the target market, but any assessment on that front would be appreciated.

I am considering rendering a video for the top section to better show the product in use but I am not sure if time = benefit.




  • emil
    dt immigrant Posts: 11,933
    Tidy. Like to see a product website for a change, rather than a lifestyle brand.

    Took me a while to understand what it was, and did a couple of takes to notice the explanation text. I am viewing it on a large display so there is a bit of looking around till you find all the info you need.

    The tagline doesn't help. Too "marketing speak".

    I'd consider making the description text more prominent to begin with. (or even just swapping places with the tagline)

    I presume people coming to the website would already be familiar with the product though so not really an issue?
  • LeakySandwich
    Thanks Emil. Client is keen on the tagline, but as traffic increases I may convince them to try swapping them round to see which gives a better response.

    That is the trouble I have with the site - pitching it at the right knowledge level. I don't want it to condescend but I need it to explain itself quickly.
  • bennyboy
    Ah yo Boogie Down B-TownPosts: 3,787
    I got the concept fairly quickly, even if I still dont know what an IBC is.

    All looks good, animations in the explanation work well.

    One small thing, maybe the red text should center at the same size on small screens? Loses impact when it goes so small.
  • LittleMick
    also known as little dick. The Occupied SixPosts: 8,998
    A IBC is something you use to smuggle fuel across the border.

    Looks good and straight to the point. Only thing I've noticed is lines above and to the left of the animated IBC. Top one seems to disappear after a certain point in the animation.
  • willtoo
    .O_o. Posts: 2,497
    Yeah, nice - I got what it was about fairly quickly. Almost want to see more animation, but if all nine illustrations were animating at the same time it'd be quite jarring. With the water tipping one - the liquid should slosh towards the tap rather than staying at the same level, no?
  • Giraffe
    toxic designer Posts: 9,880
    I guess I'm alone again. The top portion feels all over the place with the centered text, the awkward illustration/CTA. Not sure what the gray lumps are meant to do at the top; the site would be functionally the same without them and perhaps a little nicer for it.

    The about section feels like a completely separate website in that it's nice and well-organized.
  • Goik
    Owns two too many cats Posts: 920
    I feel the pictures at the bottom before the Contact break the flow between the two sections. The 'News' section seems like it could absorb those photographs. The illustrations in About & How It Works(News) seem to explain the same thing in different visuals, but appear in two separate places. Seems it could be condensed a little bit for clearer indication of information navigation and design flow. Probably in the minority.
  • LeakySandwich
    edited April 2016
    Thanks chaps, exactly the kind of feedback I am after.

    Benny - it does lose impact, I suspect it is because the font becomes so thin at that size. I will try changing the weight as it gets smaller.

    Mick- Thanks, do you happen to be viewing it on a retina screen? Either way, I will sort that.

    Will - Sadly not, I would have loved a sloshing animation but it is a slow process and the water remains level.

    Giraffe - Grey lumps were originally the menu bar which has become abstracted by the design. Is there anything else that is particularly jarring?

    Goik - I agree, the images will be going into a gallery in a news article shortly, they were just rushed on so acustomer could see what a real one looked like. News is really just for SEO and sharing. As more articles are added that information will be pushed downward and it should begin to make more sense.

    Again, thanks!
  • LittleMick
    also known as little dick. The Occupied SixPosts: 8,998
    Nah mate, viewing it on a Benq Senseye 3 LED. Not a pretty screen at all.
  • David
    Keeping Tom Happy Posts: 12,956
    Bit of a mess, there's no focus on the top part of the homepage - lots of competing elements and shapes - and do those distracting social media roundels need to constantly be there, I can't imagine the clients for an IBC tipper give a shit about it's G+ page.

    The most important thing on the top portion of the homepage - the description of what the thing actually does is treated as the least important

    Difficult to pay any attention to all those illustrations when the top central one is on an annoying animated loop

    'Order now' should be on the far right, not stuck between news and contact

    Is the fact that's it's patent pending that important that it gets the vaunted top left position?

    I really dislike the rounded corners by the logo - and the logo

    You have breadcrumb nav that never goes more than one page deep, why bother?
  • LeakySandwich
    Cheers David. I agree with most of what you said.

    This top area has changed quite a lot from the original as I am testing a few things - will have a look at stats etc. this weekend and make modifications accordingly.
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