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Evening folks, been working in the evenings on this product for holiday management; Feedback welcome.


  • Limbo
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    Looks OK in a very conservative way.

    The logo is BEGGING to be a proper english style deckchair - that palm logo thing is proper wanky. Sorry. Hate it. I mean why wouldn't you use a deckchair rather than a hackneyed desert island metaphor??

    The colours are very very staid too - it could do with an injection of life.

    But it works, and it tells the story just fine.
  • paulanthony
    mingin dawg baitch Posts: 1,083
    Don't apologise, I'm all ears, plus it was a mate that stuck the logo together for me, I felt I had to use it after he bashed it together FOC. Not the first time I've heard that feedback either, so perhaps worth revisiting it myself.
  • handcraftedweb
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    I like the staid conservative colors but the typography is a little anemic. Could use a little more structure, like the feature list headings ("Fully mobile ready") should be an <h3> and be bigger/bolder. I think all the headings could be a little bigger than they are.

    I don't think you've explained what it is well enough. How exactly does it work? It seems like it's something to make a manager's job easier (I, the grunt employee, don't need a separate app to remember my vacation) but it's not clear. Or is it a group calendar thing where I can see my colleagues' scheduled vacations so I can schedule around it? Why should I pay for this instead of just using google calendar? You don't need to be extremely detailed about functionality but I think it needs a little more than what's there now.

    Maybe some stronger CTAs to "Try it for free".
  • PointandStare
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    My question is why?
    Why would I want to pay £15 a month to know when I am going on holiday?
    or, if I'm a manager, surely the firm would already have a system in house (at least the ones where I've worked have).

    As handy said, why not just use google cal or something similar?
  • Limbo
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    To be fair $15 does seem a lot for just a calendar - as said above you need to set out all the features so dum-dums like us can clearly see what the benefits are over gcal or similar group cal.
  • yuval10203
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    The table in the bottom, i don't like it, too empty. generally it looks like a template.. try to combine more personal touch...
    In my opinion it is not for us to judge the product or the cost. You know your target and why they would pay for it. You are asking advice about the marketing and design.

    Since you said bring it on, let me first say, here it goes, but it is done with good intentions.

    From top to bottom:

    Logo: It does not work for many reasons, but mainly because the chair does not read as a 'k'. That alone is enough, but also it is imbalanced and is not working as a 'unit'. It just doesn't even seem like a logo. It needs to be 100% thrown out and redone but actually pay someone a decent amount. This looks like the result of a $30 contest.

    Overall look:I think the blueish-green/black/white/grey of the webpage is nice. I think the actual problem is the design of the product itself. It is flat, dry, generic and just 'lost'. Your icons look like free and really over-used free download icons. The checkmark, calendar, wheel...nothing custom or unique about them but even worse, the first icons you would find in a search. Check this out:

    Google Search Images:
    Search: 'Free calendar icon': There it is...Free timing icon: There it is... you know what I mean? It would be good to get someone to illustrate some custom icons for both your program and your website.

    Some of the icons on the website itself are 'forced'. Like using a 'heart' for the Easy to Use section.

    The colors of the 'product' also look like a dreary vacation. I am not sure if this matters since your target is corporations and is actually a management tool. Just an observation.

    You have zero high contrast colors. I think you need at least one popping color so that the eye is 'led' instead of 'drifting'.

    It just feels like you don't care about the product or the website. Oooh, this will sound harsh, but It feels like you are trying to do the opposite from impress. Underwhelming is the word. I feel terrible putting it this way. I just got crucified by people for another post and I don't want to make you feel bad.

    If you are serious about your product, you need to get serious about the design and invest in a professional designer who would NEVER use these icons or design in this palette. Design is so much more important and complicated than most people realize. If you get the rest of it right, not investing in design will be the one thing that stops your success from what I am looking at.
  • Giraffe
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    This post is from august last year.
  • calder12
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    lol learning the ropes ;) hopefully you stick around. You're a nice change from the spambots we usually get. We're okay once you get to know us.
  • Klang
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    Fuck off are we.
  • Klang
    Ray fucking Purchase Posts: 17,252
    It's nice to see the OP didn't take on board one iota of the original feedback.
  • Limbo
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    That logo. Jebus. The palm tree thing was better. There's nothing like execution.
  • steveb
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    I looked at the site for about 2.5 seconds. It reminded me of a wet Tuesday morning in October on a deserted Welsh beach.
    I think I can get used to you guys :* but I might have to come back in with another user name. Thinkin' on it.
  • Giraffe
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    We generally advise against anything remotely SEO-friendly.
  • roto
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    Limbo wrote: »
    That logo. Jebus.
    it's a K, don't you see it? ;)
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