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There's a few services I've found that can facilitate this, all costing, and I'm wondering if any of you have ever used such software or can recommend the best. The options I'm considering are:

QuickBooks Online WooCommerce Integration, Synchronize WooCommerce with QuickBooks Online: eCC Cloud by Webgility- Webgility

61 Extensions – WooCommerce and Jigoshop Extensions » WooCommerce Quickbooks Integration

I'd love to hear your thoughts on integrating those two systems (WooCommerce & Quickbooks Online) so I can pick the best one.


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    Any thoughts on this?
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    I know this thread is kinda old...but figured I'd give a shoutout to the guys over at MyWorks Design...been using their WooCommerce Sync for QuickBooks Online plugin for about a month now and damn....it's amazing.

    They don't have tiered fees, like Webgility or other "solutions" where you end up paying like $99 a month for all the features and data limits that you need - it's literally $29 a month. Plus, it's a plugin I just upload to my Wordpress admin - I don't have to connect my store or anything - all the syncing happens right from my admin...I'm pretty impressed.

    And - the 2 way real time sync is simply killer. It's amazing to see an order show up right away in QuickBooks Online - or inventory updated right away in WooCommerce after I receive it in QuickBooks Online. All without having to worry about scheduling confusing syncing tasks, like I did with other platforms.

    Check them out - just wanted to recommend as a viable solution for anyone looking for WooCommerce to QuickBooks Online syncing! I'll be using this forever, and recommending it to my clients too!


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