Buying a new DSLR

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I currently have a Canon 450D. Thinking about upgrading to either 600D, 650D or maybe event splash out for the 60D.

As it stands there's a £200 price gap between the 600D and the 60D. Not sure if it's worth the money. The 650D is roughly in the middle.

Any advice would be great :)


  • SDGSteve
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    Not entirely helpful, but I bought the 550D and am beyond happy for the price, you can pick up the Japanese "Kiss X4" version on Ebay for something like £250-300, picture quality great, takes the Magic Lantern firmware to give it a similar range of features to the 7D and the video capability is amazing for the price.
  • Niharika_gupta111
    Must Haves:-

    1. A decent camera bag that can hold your DSLR along with two or more lenses.
    2. At least one extra camera battery.
    3. At least one extra memory card, preferably 2 GB or more.
    4. A clear filter to protect your lens.
    5. A good lens cleaning kit.
  • Nick
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    6. At least one opposable thumb and an itchy trigger finger.
  • willtoo
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    7. The ability to resurrect 4 year old threads.
  • ParthivShinde1
    Buy Canon EOS 650D have great features a video setting as part of the on/off switch, although this has meant the DISP button from the 600D has been removed
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