Your (current/past) Favorite Kickstarters?

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Here are 2 I've recently backed, and yeah, the latter was just so I could get a square of unique chocolate:
A universal device fitted for mobile phones, tablets, and most laptops to enhance your personal photography.

Mobi-Lens: Universal tool for mobile phones, tablets, & more by Evette & Aris Allahverdian — Kickstarter
Over the last six years, Rogue Chocolatier has been pushing the limits of bean to bar craft chocolate manufacturing. When our company was founded in 2007, I was so disappointed by food brands whose quality would go down over time, and brands who would compromise their integrity. I was inspired to make a company that existed for its products, not solely to create profits.

Rogue Chocolatier: Pushing the (Chocolate) Envelope by Colin Gasko — Kickstarter


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