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ImpressPages - opensource CMS

Had this recommended to me and I have to say I'm liking it very much. I've been looking at an alternative to modx purely from a users standpoint (ease of use for complete numpties).

What's winning me over (from the users standpoint) is being able to edit areas directly on the site page plus the ability to drop different widgets (images, video, your own code and tables etc) visually, plus being able to rearrange them at the click of a button.

Here's the link to the site where you can also signup for a demo:

ImpressPages CMS - web CMS with drag & drop interface.

My thoughts so far:

Skinning is really easy. Inside your server will be a folder called ip_themes which holds the default 'theme'. You can download a blank theme and upload it to the server - the blank theme contains just the code you need to use to display the default content. Do your stuff and style it.

Want to add an editable area to, say, a side bar? Add the code to the template and set it up in the admin area. Here's a link to someones question which explains it in detail: Add more content on a page.

There's also a built-in newsletter widget which lets people sign up and you can design your newsletter directly in the admin area (and set a max amount of emails to be sent in an hour incase your host limits them).

Its working a treat with a 960 grid (based on the 1140 grid), you just need to tweak the css in the 'ip_content.css' file to style the css for the pre-installed 'widgets'.

'Widgets' can only be moved around on-screen in the main area (and not in secondary areas such as side bars which can only have your own predefined editable areas in them) but I think that may be on the cards in future.

There's probably a lot more it can do as I'm just scratching the surface but thought it may be of interest to you chaps.
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Hey moz, thanks for the update with this drag&drop cms, had a look at it and it looks so cool with all these simple controls. Though should have more plugins by different needs, but i hope in the future there will be allot to choose from.
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Concreate5 vs ImpressPages

I really loved Impresspage but i am still wondering, If Concreate 5 is somthing better or At par with Impresspages.

I tried installing Concreate5 on local host but i think it will take years to install To Install on my localhost,

if anybody could review of Impresspage vs Concreate5 would be great...
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I clicked the link and created a demo, kind of was impressed instantly.

Thank you for this find Moz!
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