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Originally Posted by sub
Decide? You can't tell me you'd be making any rational decisions on the level of response when your wife and children are tied up and threatened by some knife wielding cunt? I'm not a father but I'm pretty sure it'd be down to me and the wife to do everything we could to protect them.

Yes, yes - how can I argue against this without tacitly implying that I'd let my family be arse-raped in front of me without doing anything

My main point in all this is that desicions about crime and punishment should be made objectively NOT subjectively.

Also I'm not saying you shouldn't take any action to protect your family, you do everything you can including killing if neccesary. The point here is that when the burgular was been beaten with a cricket bat with the help of the guys brother after chasing them down the street the family was no longer at risk
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