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Please rate my portfolio - will only take a second!

Hi anyone and everyone,

I think I've stared at this tweaked it for so long I suddenly have decided it might not be all that good or I've gone mental... Just looking at all the portfolio sites on here I think maybe I shouldn't have kept it as simple as I have.

Any feedback would be good, design, code, SEO - anything, having a crisis on confidence it seems.

Matthew Tyas | Web Designer / Developer specializing design using HTML, CSS, SEO to W3C and accessibility standards | HOME

Oh if you have an iphone, try it on that and check the iphone version also if you can be bothered.

I couple of things to consider - main nav, should I use some icons maybe?
Flash on home page - are the images loading in okay? It is dynamic you see. Page load time - too long? I think have put me on the a shared server with a lot of traffic...grrr



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