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Originally Posted by sub
The issue is with the proposal of a group of anonymous people designing and building a website for a charity or organisation. We've already seen people 'borrow' artwork from other sources and if this is not picked up on before the site is deployed the charity or organisation are not going be happy footing the bill for a lawsuit.

Whether you're producing something pro bono or not there will need to be legal paperwork in place to protect 'the client' as well as the designer.

But if you're willing to invest the time and money to do this properly ...

RFB = Random Fuck Bag

if I knew what needed to be done in terms of paperwork then id put the work in. Surely it would just be some sort of stock contract that i could modify slightly. I know that aiga has a pretty comprehensive one. I might write an email to them and see what they suggest.

I dont think it would be worth doing for any massive charities anyway as they probably have designers on the case already.

Im thinking more lesser-known local type places. I guess then it would be less of a minefield.

Not sure if web design is the right thing to do, some kind of branding exercise might be more useful and less hassle
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