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Originally Posted by oli
I imagine if you had an iPod it all works nicely together.
on win xp - its not. it totally fucked off my pod. kept crashing. had to reset pod, re-install, reset pod, re-install. had to wipe iTunes in the end. got some gash shite called musicmatch jukebox that takes 8 years to load anytime you put the pod in the dock. musicmatch can right royally fuck right off. right? ...imhbsfbo*

mik. my money is on pink floyd - based on the time of day and that you're always harking on about them like none of us were ever students. in which case, i'm thinking something from dark side of the moon and off the top of my head, a five minute track from dsotm would be, brian damage. probably wrong, but its an educated guess. at least paxman wouldn't sneer at me...

or is it clocks by coldplay?

*in my honest but stolen from bill opinion
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