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Originally Posted by Bill Posters
I would have thought that the notion of 'renaissance man' was more wide spread and more accepted.

How very 16th Century of you Bill

Originally Posted by Bill Posters
I was merely surprised by the apparent reaction (in another thread) to the suggestion that some folk can handle both aspects of website creation themselves without compromising the quality at either stage....

...I'm just surprised that, given the mounting evidence online that the two skills/talents can be combined in one person to great effect, that some still stick so doggedly to the assertion that the two can only really be done best when done separately - or that one person only really has one skill or talent that they can do to professional standards.

No ones saying that the two skills cant be combined - like I said previously the market is demanding more and more that people become multi-skilled and I think its every persons right to either follow that or choose to ignore it or do whatever they see fit. But what is questionable is whether your 'renaissance man' is as accomplished in each of his chosen skills as the person who (for one reason or another) chooses to specialise. Now,obvioulsy its a case by case thing, but from my experience, more often than not the specialist comes out on top. Of course, that's not to say its a hard and fast rule. There are exceptions to every rule.

Its interesting you bring up the agency vs freelancer thing. I started my career freelancing, then spent a while working for a few big London agencies, and have now gone back to freelancing. Worked with print, kiosks, big brands, start ups, with dedicated IAs, copywriter, marketing types etc etc but off the top of my head I can think of maybe half a dozen people who I've met who really are specialists in both design and development, ie they do both brilliantly. They all work for agencies - which I have to say surprises me a little.
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