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Originally Posted by Brown

I'm not suggesting that it shouldn't.

I started this thread to find out if the industry slim down had created (by necessity) a generation of multi-disciplinary designer/developers that opened the door to one-man bands becoming significantly more popular as an option in the industry.

I was merely surprised by the apparent reaction (in another thread) to the suggestion that some folk can handle both aspects of website creation themselves without compromising the quality at either stage.

It's an impression that is probably partially shaped by the fact that I know more freelance designers than agency-based designers.
Most of the people I studied with on my last course either went freelance (sole trader) or started their own agency with a partner.

The understanding I had of the make up of the industry is roughly that reflected in the poll.
I know there should be a bunch of caveats about any generalisations drawn from such a small poll, but I think it shows enough activity in the 'both' sector to challenge the notion that the de facto standard is still that site design and site development are mutually exclusive disciplines and should ideally remain that way.

I'm just surprised that, given the mounting evidence online that the two skills/talents can be combined in one person to great effect, that some still stick so doggedly to the assertion that the two can only really be done best when done separately - or that one person only really has one skill or talent that they can do to professional standards.

I would have thought that the notion of 'renaissance man' was more wide spread and more accepted.

I guess my interest in another part stems from many previous discussions about the changing definition of what it means to be a designer (with regards to being 'author').
I've always been interested in pushing against definitions and established boundaries - though far more often from a purely academic POV.

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